The Chronic’les of Girls is a place where female identifying women can write honestly about their chronic and/or invisible illness. It’s a safe space to discuss all of the side effects, good and bad, that can’t be found on the side of a pill bottle.

The Chronic’les of Girls started out as a small Facebook group where women could vent about their illness. How they felt about being sick, how they managed it, tips and tricks, the ups and downs, the reality of it all basically.

And whether you’re struggling with the idea of being A Sick Person, or maintaining relationships. Whether you’re struggling to keep on top of uni or work, or both. Whether you’re owning your illness, or maybe you find it holds you back, the team at the Chronic’les of Girls wants to read about it.

Everyone working at the Chronic’les of Girls is living with some kind of chronic/invisible illness. We get it. Don’t worry.

This blog is open to all pieces, long and short, fiction and non-fiction, poetry and haikus (whatever you want!), that detail your experience living with a long-term chronic/invisible illness. It’s not about being a pro writer or anything; we just want to help you tell your story.