You Deserve True Love


A friend said to me:

"Sometimes I feel like no one will ever get I don't have an intimate relationship on any human level. It hurts. What do you think? Is it wrong to sit thinking about having dependable people in my life? Sometimes, I just want A hug or A Kiss on the cheek...something. You know? Is being sick relationally terminal?"


Human touch is such a vital part of our interaction.

Whether plutonic, familial, or romantic, touch speaks volumes, when no words can express what we desire to communicate.

Hugs equal happiness

Kisses Keep you Captivated

Holding hands is heavenly

Moments of love demonstrated

No one deserves isolation.

No matter what challenges we face, there is an innate need for solidarity.

So I send this affectionate, virtual hug and kiss, to all those who feel isolated; shut within themselves.

To those fighting things not seen, or energies founded in insecurity or fear.

You are important to your atmosphere. You can change something imbalanced to balanced, awakening what lies asleep.

You are worth loving.

You are worth having a good family.

You are worth a work, which enables you to follow your dreams.

You are a unique design of a Divine Creator, and you are Loved.

There will be people who "get you."

There will be people who love you.

Be an example to others, by loving yourself unconditionally. Someone will notice and agree with you.


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Holly Gouldthorpe