Dear Chronic Pancreatitis


Dear Chronic Pancreatitis,

You suck! You have put me in the hospital 13 times in the past year. 
You have cost me the ability to work. 
You have given me gastroperesis. 
You left me in agony for 8 months.
You made me have 4 EUS's. 
You have caused me to have not one feeding tube but 14 feeding tubes. 
You have cost me my gallbladder. You made doctors doubt me. 
You are an invisible illness. 

Through all the trials and tribulations however you have brought me strength, courage, and a voice. 
You have brought me the ability to help others that are new to this horrible illness. 
You have given me the strength to show people my feeding tube and educate them. 
You have given me the voice to stand up to those that think that we're not unwell because our illness isn't as visible as a wheelchair.


A pancreatic warrior

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Holly Gouldthorpe