Dear Lady at Target


Dear lady at Target, 

Yes, I have a handicap parking pass- no I did not steal it from Grandma. 

Please stop staring at me as I get out of my car. I know what that look means. "This girl looks perfectly fine, why is she parking there?" I see you thinking. 

Yes today I look fabulous - but little do you know I was rushed to the emergency room the day before by ambulance. Do I need to carry a cane to make you believe me? I am half tempted to carry one around just so when you stare at me so I can shake my cane at you. Honestly lady do you actually think I, or anyone else, wants to have a handicap parking pass at this age? Of course we don't! 

On behalf of all of us woman with our invisible diseases - please think twice before you judge us. Most of us have been through more than you can imagine.  Next time you better run lady- I'm a spoonie and I'm not afraid to use my powers (they include judgmental looks just like yours and I'm not afraid to voice my opinion). 

Sincerely yours,

Handicap parking spot stealer. 

Kristyn's Instagram: @kristynnnnnnnn

Holly Gouldthorpe